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Journal History

A new year, a new journal entry.  
2010 saw the invention of the DA Official Groups, and I must say, I formed sortof an addiction to them.  I considered it a mission to get every decent art into a group or two, and any decent group some decent art in them.  By sheer happenstance, I found myself becoming the Co-Founder of :iconpokenines: which has been a lot of fun, as well as a lot of responsibility.  I hope I have managed things well.  I've learned a lot over the year in regards to groups, and have helped other fledgling groups get their settings in order.  I'm now an admin of six groups, with three more asking for me.  I've been slowing down lately though, either I'm running out of art, or it's starting to lose its charm.  

On the flipside, I've seen a lot of things in groups that annoy me.  I really hate it when groups put absurd submission limits.  Weekly is right out, how am I supposed to remember what day last week I submitted last?  I am also against groups that maintain the rule that only members may submit art to a group.  Or you can't suggest art unless it came from your account.  How is a group supposed to grow otherwise?  Yer really cutting yourself off by having these kinds of absurd rules.  I can understand some groups needing limits, but to put such ridiculous limits on fledgling or stagnant groups is the best way to kill it.  After running my own group now for some time, it also saddens me to see Group owners just quit their groups, either leaving them to the winds, or destroying them utterly without warning to the groups' members.  It oughta be nice to be able to set rights on individual members or set introductory rights when members first join.  Or perhaps make a distinction somehow between submitting your works and suggesting the works of others.  Or if a submission gets declined or approved, you should be able to submit more after that.  

Another thing that saddens me is the rise of so many "hate" groups and anti groups.  Hey, there's plenty of characters I haven't been fond of, but I don't put my energy into drawing art and stamps insulting people who like a character or pairing.  We're all weird in our own way, why can't we get along, live and let live?  It's this kind of bickering that gives a fandom as a whole a bad name.  At the same time, just as it's wrong to force your hate on someone, you can't go around forcing people to like something - it's counterproductive.  

:icontally-tigress: is taking commissions!  Please go visit and check them out!…


This year's Art Challenge!

Obviously, we have the trios:
Sora, Riku, Kairi,
Roxas, Axel, Xion/Namine,
Ventus, Terra, Aqua,
Cloud, Sephiroth, Aerith,

It's be neat to see classic Kingdom Hearts scenes with different trios in them - Pick any great scene with Sora, Kairi, and Riku, now picture it with Roxas, Xion, and Axel, etc.

And you can do this with any anime, really.  Take chars from one and put them in a scene from another.

Here's one example:…


Fanart WishList:…
After a year online, on advice from a friend, I have better organized my Fanart Wishlist by anime.  

Commissions Folder:…
If you enjoy my gallery, Check out my Commissions Favorites Folder where I keep Commissions posted on the original artist's accounts.

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